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Here, you'll discover a treasure trove of responses to the heartfelt inquiries from our community. Your questions and thoughts have sparked insightful conversations and compassionate guidance. Explore the wisdom shared in this space, as we navigate life's complexities together. Your journey toward transformation, connection, and healing unfolds in the words that grace this space.

Thank you for being a part of our collective wisdom.

Soulful Perspectives


“Feels so good being with a secure individual and no longer with someone that brings me down.”

Dear reader,

Everything you've gone through thus far has happened for you, not to you. For the betterment of your soul. Character development to break you in and breakthrough you. To teach you what needs developing and what needs to be nurtured. The experience wasn't what you expected but with clarity you can see you learned that your self-worth needed nurturing. How else would you have learned to honor yourself? You learned what it's like to betray yourself and stay in situations that were no longer serving you. Patterns repeat when you can't find the wisdom connected to them. Until you decide enough is enough, until you decide and wake up to the idea that you deserve more.

with peace,