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I have a thing for clouds. I find them to be aesthetically pleasing. ☁️✈️

The coolest thing about being in your twenties is getting the chance to explore. Explore places, people and things… I hadn’t realized the true pleasure of just simply exploring until recently. Doing things that make you feel good is also important. I have learned from listening to motivational speakers that learning how to be selfish is key. I don’t mean selfish it in a negative connotation. I simply mean knowing when to make decisions that are BEST FOR YOU. Knowing when to leave things or people alone. Knowing when it’s time start something new. Knowing when you should pace yourself. Knowing when you need more of something. Just knowing when to simply do something.

I have just made a selfish decision to only do things that make me happy. I will not allow myself to feel guilty for moving on from things that are no longer suitable for me. I will do things that make me want to do it again from pure happiness. Finding things that make sense to my soul.

I will write about my journey and share it with anyone who finds themselves in a similar path. What selfish things do you need to do?

-Polish the soul

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Where do I go from here?

I recently graduated from college and found myself feeling incredibly “lost”! Listen folks…. I know it’s normal and it happens to us all somewhere in life but no one never really told me how hard it would be. How defeated I would feel. The level of anxiety and stress I feel just thinking about committing myself to one career path is incredible. Not to mention I am a super indecisive person. I always think about the “what if’s”. My biggest fear is waking up one morning and finding myself discontent with my career choice. Throughout my study as a undergrad I spent just as much time changing majors. I am extremely imaginative when it comes to picturing myself in the future. I have imagined myself in a hundred different career paths. I can’t be the only human who can’t seem to commit to a career. I don’t even think I know what I am passionate about anymore, I thought I knew prior to graduating. After graduating, I honestly know anything anymore. I thought finally finishing school would be so much easier but it has been the complete opposite.

Several factors have contributed to my frustrations. The largest is just simply not knowing what to focus on. The second is knowing I’d like to return to school and work towards a masters but I don’t even know what programs to look at because I’M CLUELESS. I would blame the third reason on my level of maturity for my age. I have always been wise beyond my years. I think my problem is I get caught up in my own head thinking I am older than I really am. Sometimes I really do forget how old I am.. I can admit to myself I am pretty hard on myself and I set the bar pretty high. I feel well into my adulthood when in actuality I’m only 24. I know I have plenty of growing to do and have plenty time on my hands to gain life experiences. I just can’t help but feel like I should have it all figured out by now. I should know what I am passionate about. I should know what I want to do for the rest of my life. I should have found my niche by now. I know I’m insane for thinking this way because I am still fairly young.

At this moment in my life the only thing I know for certain is that…. I want to live life knowing that I am an example of the change I wish to see in the world. Hence the Ghandi quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” I don’t know what the future holds and that is my biggest frustration just not knowing. I wish I could just choose a career and know for certain that 25+ years later I will be satisfied with my choice. 

-Sasha “Polish the soul”

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The Birth of “Polish The Soul”

The birth of “Polish The Soul”

For quite a long time now I had been contemplating whether or not to create this blog. The idea of being “bare” online for the world to read my inner thoughts and crtitique my thoughts petrifies me. In all honesty, I am still pretty petrified but fear is known to provoke growth. I have been chasing growth and running away from my true self. By true self.. I mean the writer within me lacked motivation and desire. I have been longing to find my passion in life and find my career path but somehow I had neglected the fact that writing is my passion. The thing about being an artist and going public with your work is that you never truly know if you’ll be successful. You won’t ever know if people will genuinely resonate with your work. Artists take risks every single time they release new work. We expose ourselves to misinterpretations with constant fear of ridicule. I have so much to share with the world… I think I am ready now.