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Crystal Love Affair

A photo of my latest collection.

There’s no secret that I am a very spiritual woman by nature. I’ve had crystals in the past that I hadn’t done much with in the past as I had not understood the power stored within them. The first set of crystals I had purchased was on an Esty shop online. Looking back I’d say I wasn’t ready to commit to the lifestyle. Until, about last summer when I randomly found myself going in the wrong direction and I discovered a spiritual shop. I knew in my heart I had gotten lost on purpose in a sense. I walked into the shop and instantly felt at ease with the cleansing aroma in the air. I roamed around the store and looked at the different crystals they had and spiritual objects. I felt compelled to purchase a Rose Quartz bracelet. I had fallen completely in love with the bracelet, I instantly cleansed it and put it on my wrist right after receiving my receipt. What I hadn’t known at the time was that crystals choose you. While purchasing my Rose Quartz bracelet I had been memorized by this white and gray marble bracelet. I didn’t pay it much mind and I continued to pay attention to the Rose quartz because I felt I would benefit from Crystal in terms of compassion and self-love.

Several weeks later I returned to the store and roamed around again as if I had never seen the store. In complete amazement with the vibe and energy all around me. I bent down to check out some candles with crystals attached that stuck out to me on a self and sure enough the white and grey marble crystal had found its way in my path again. I scanned the shelf to read the labels on the other candles then again my eyes met the crystal. It was labeled as a calming candle. I gave in and picked up the candle that had the crystal attached to it. I read the benefits of the candle and kept it in my hand. I had no intention of putting it down. I knew that candle had been left over for me, it was the very last one of its kind on the shelf. I took that as a sign from the universe.

I had soon learned the name of the crystal ‘White Howlite’ thanks to the woman by the register helping me check out. I had walked out of the store with my candle as happy can be. Later that afternoon, I finally made it home and was eager to test out the candle. So… I prepared myself to meditate with the candlelit and the crystal in hand. I felt calm as can be as soon as I lit the candle. It was then and there that I discovered my life had just changed. I fell in love with the crystal and haven’t left it home since. It puts my mind in such a state of peace. My body felt light and airy. I returned to the store about a month later to purchase the ‘White Howlite’ bracelet I had been memorized with during my first visit. 

I often, allow myself to be consumed with anxiety. I used to get flustered very easily and since wearing White Howlite I have noticed such a difference in my behavior. The White Howlite crystal broke the mold for me about understanding how crystals could change my life. I often, visit the store sometimes just to roam around and soak up the energy. Usually, I walk out with a shopping bag because I really can’t help it. Since then I’ve purchased 4 different bracelets, about 10 different crystals from the shop alone and I also have a large cluster of Amethyst for my bedroom and a Buddha. I turned my room into a recharging center for my energy. I’ve increased my pocket collection from one to about 5. The bulge in my pocket often looks a little odd in the silhouette of my pants but it is a must. I even brought back out my old crystals that I had brought years ago that I never found a use for before.

Last week, I mediated with a handful of my crystals and I had gotten so deep into my trance I could feel the palm of my hand pulsating. I was so fascinated and had never experienced a moment like that before. It was then that I realized how POWERFUL crystals are. I had so much energy in my left hand that I could feel my left-hand pulsate. I welcomed the energy in with open arms.

Tips for introducing crystals into your lifestyle:

  1. Be open to receiving.
  2. Open your heart and mind.
  3. Cleanse them before introducing them to your energy.
  4. Cleanse them every so often.
  5. Set intentions: Tell the crystal what you what to receive.
  6. Listen to your intuition.
  7. Meditate with them.
  8. Pray with them.
  9. Speak to them.
  10. Be ready to commit to the practice!
  11. Carry them everywhere you go.
  12. Crystals should be carried on the left side of the body.
  13. You can carry them in your left pocket.
  14. Ladies: stick them in your bra on the left side. Closer to your heart the better.
  15. Too many crystals all at once can negatively affect you.
  16. Research! Never stop learning about them.
  17. Not all crystals work well together. Be cautious.

Below you will find a list of crystals I own.

  • Amethyst
  • White Howlite
  • Amazonite
  • Aragonite
  • Angelite
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Pyrite
  • Apophyllite
  • Adventurine
  • Snowflake Obsidian
  • Selenite
  • Moonstone
  • Rose Quartz
  • Celestite

Polish The Soul xx

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Listen for the voice

In life we spend most of our time doing what we don’t want to do. Like going to work five days a week, going to funerals or even going on terrible dates. Truth is we don’t really spend our time doing what we truly enjoy. That is the saddest reality. What are the things that make your soul happy?

I know I am no pudding cup either. I do things all the time that I don’t enjoy. I wake up every weekday at 5am for a “career” that isn’t mine. Meaning…. this isn’t my bus stop. I’m waiting for the next express bus to my dreams. The benefits are great but what do I gain besides the benefits and the good pay? I don’t feel like I am doing something meaningful. I want to do something that sets my soul on fire. We are hardwired to find good paying jobs with security. Why…? Why do we subject ourselves to such things? Many of us have hidden talents that we place on a dusty book shelf in the back of our minds. What I’m trying to say is… Dust that f*@king book off and show the world what you got. We weren’t given these gifts to share them with ourselves only. For us to keep these gifts under wraps would be selfish. For those of you who believe in a higher power, why would God place these gifts in your hands to do nothing with? How do you think these professional athletes rise to stardom? They make themselves aware of their gifts and execute a plan to do something with it. I know it’s easier said than done but know the only difference between them and you is faith. Faith can take you a long way. Have faith in your abilities, have the faith to believe you can make it to where you desire.

I’m learning as we speak how to care for my soul also. I have spent these last few years trying to figure out what career path to choose. I changed my major way too many times which would make sense why it took me two years longer to finally finish. At times I felt defeated because I didn’t know what I wanted to do next. I felt ridiculous not knowing what to do because if I didn’t know who would?! Deep down I always wanted to be a writer since I was a kid. I loved writing poetry. I remember creating a children’s book for my baby sister. Imagine a 6th grader writing a children’s book. I never paid much attention to those intricate details. It was almost as if I suppressed my abilities. It wasn’t till I finished my undergrad program that I began frantically thinking of all the possibilities. I thought I wanted to be a occupational therapist, speech therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, nurse and even a teacher. Little by little I realized I had to pass on them all because I had a feeling of uncertainty. I knew in my heart those careers weren’t mine. I spent many months feeling stressed and full of anxiety. It wasn’t till I began praying to find my purpose and started reading self help books that I realized my true place in this world. I was made to be a writer. Every single cell in my body was put together to create a writer. You guys are probably wondering why it took me so long to cut to the chase. The reason why I didn’t cut to the chase was because I wanted you guys to understand my struggle. I wanted you guys to feel my struggle. This may not resonate with everyone but I want those of you reading to think about your decisions in life. I want you all to realize what I recently realized myself. Some of you are probably saying in your heads “It’s too late for me. My ship has sailed.” but hunny this is only the beginning. Think of it like this… Your life has suddenly reset. The clock was just reset. Start life over and start doing sh*t that floats your boat.

Young parents who have suddenly found their nests empty and never had the chance to explore? Go explore the world. Try new things. It’s your time.

Childless woman who never found the “perfect” man to conceive with? Time is on your side. Look into adoption. Look into a donor.

Wall Street exec running from his passion to be an artist? Go f*#king paint something man. Ignore every single soul who told you “you can’t be an artist.”

Screw everyone who ever told you that you couldn’t do something. Do what you have to do to feed your soul.

-Polish the soul

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Soul peace

Sometimes I wonder what did I do to deserve a love as beautiful as this one and then I circle back and answer my own mystery. If I could be modest enough to ask what did I do to deserve something so beautiful, warm and angelic than I am worthy of something as special as you.

You make me feel like I’m home even if I’m not home but that’s what you are for my soul. A home… Love is so complex. Too complex to explain but all I can say is when I think of you… you provoke so much emotion within me. I shed a few tears writing this just thinking soul deep about you.

I don’t understand all the mysteries of the universe and I don’t have no idea how I was sent someone identical to my imagination. I always imagined finding someone like you. I just never knew what your face would look like until the day we met in April but your soul….. I have always known. Your soul was a mystery to me until you began to unravel and unveil your wings.

I found a safe haven in you.

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Where do I go from here?

I recently graduated from college and found myself feeling incredibly “lost”! Listen folks…. I know it’s normal and it happens to us all somewhere in life but no one never really told me how hard it would be. How defeated I would feel. The level of anxiety and stress I feel just thinking about committing myself to one career path is incredible. Not to mention I am a super indecisive person. I always think about the “what if’s”. My biggest fear is waking up one morning and finding myself discontent with my career choice. Throughout my study as a undergrad I spent just as much time changing majors. I am extremely imaginative when it comes to picturing myself in the future. I have imagined myself in a hundred different career paths. I can’t be the only human who can’t seem to commit to a career. I don’t even think I know what I am passionate about anymore, I thought I knew prior to graduating. After graduating, I honestly know anything anymore. I thought finally finishing school would be so much easier but it has been the complete opposite.

Several factors have contributed to my frustrations. The largest is just simply not knowing what to focus on. The second is knowing I’d like to return to school and work towards a masters but I don’t even know what programs to look at because I’M CLUELESS. I would blame the third reason on my level of maturity for my age. I have always been wise beyond my years. I think my problem is I get caught up in my own head thinking I am older than I really am. Sometimes I really do forget how old I am.. I can admit to myself I am pretty hard on myself and I set the bar pretty high. I feel well into my adulthood when in actuality I’m only 24. I know I have plenty of growing to do and have plenty time on my hands to gain life experiences. I just can’t help but feel like I should have it all figured out by now. I should know what I am passionate about. I should know what I want to do for the rest of my life. I should have found my niche by now. I know I’m insane for thinking this way because I am still fairly young.

At this moment in my life the only thing I know for certain is that…. I want to live life knowing that I am an example of the change I wish to see in the world. Hence the Ghandi quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” I don’t know what the future holds and that is my biggest frustration just not knowing. I wish I could just choose a career and know for certain that 25+ years later I will be satisfied with my choice. 

-Sasha “Polish the soul”