The birth of “Polish The Soul”

For awhile now I had been contemplating whether or not to create this blog. The idea of being “bare” online for the world to read my inner thoughts and crtitique my thoughts petrified me. In all honesty, I am still pretty petrified but fear is known to provoke growth. I have been chasing growth and running away from my true self. By true self.. I mean the writer within me lacked inspiration and desire. I have been longing to figure out my passion in life and find my career path but somehow I had neglected the fact that writing is my passion. The thing about being an artist and going public with your work is that you never truly know if you’ll be successful. You won’t ever know if people will genuinely resonate with your work. Artists take risks every single time they release new work. We expose ourselves to mis interpretations with constant fear of ridicule. I have so much to share with the world… I think I am ready now.