About Sasha ✨

Poetic Latina, Writer, Blogger, Amateur “photographer” & Feminista ✨🌻

Who is Sasha?

She’s a normal woman in her 20s, searching for answers about the meaning of life, love & the universe. Some may say… I am a woman in the threshold of a spiritual awakening. Creating this blog has awoken many things in me I had no idea I had stored within me. I am on my path to self discovery. I long to learn more about life and my purpose here on earth as a spiritual being. This is me, I am Sasha (Pen name: SGC) the creator of ‘Polish The Soul’ blog.

Growing up I had always had a difficult time articulating my thoughts verbally but I always found it incredibly easy to put my heart on paper. My life experiences as a woman in today’s society have molded my voice as a writer. I was a closet poet who would write sappy lines about all the ways I hadn’t felt worthy of the love I hadn’t received from the young man that had woken up my heart. My heavy heart was the ignition and all the fire I needed to create poems.

Many of my poems showcase heartbreak, love, light, hope, and femininity. Today and every day moving forward I vow to light up the world with my words and embody a lighthouse for victims, young women, and adolescent girls.

In 2019, I finally decided to release my inhibitions and be my one true self. A writer, warrior, woman, poet, lighthouse full of hope. I took a risk and created ‘Polish The Soul’ and adopted the pen name ‘SGC’. After all, I am just a Latina from New York City trying to pave a way for women like myself through a city like no other.


Sasha 💋

Purpose of my blog:

You will often find that I mention the concept of ‘fear’ and ‘vulnerability’ in my poems and my blog posts. This blog sets forth the desire for change in my own life as well as the world. I showcase my fear for everyone to read. I have found a way to renovate my own soul through my blog. Polish The Soul has been a filter for my soul, my soul filters the part of myself that exists in the spiritual realm into this realm we call earth. My blog is a spiritual safe-haven for my poetic soul. I write for light, hope, inspiration, change & love. If you’re looking for anything of that nature you’re in the right place.

Note to readers: I know we don’t all have the same beliefs and that is absolutely okay. I welcome your uniqueness. I honor your differences, as I hope you’ll honor mine. Please note I often mention God, if you don’t identify with God, adjust to whom you identify with. Just know there is a higher power working with the universe, guiding you through your fears and bringing you to light. 🙏🏽