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As some may know I work in a public High School in NYC. While preparing for this week’s college awareness week, I had an interesting conversation with a coworker last Friday. We were asked to place signs that indicates the college we attended and majors by our doors. I happened to notice one coworker had majored in writing. As a writer I was instantly intrigued. I asked her what type of writing she had studied. She said “creative writing”. I began to pick her brain and ask her how she liked the program and proceed to express my interest in going back to school for a MFA in creative writing.

The next thing out of her mouth was “oh, you’re writer?”

I responded ‘Yes!”

She responds “Like CUNY?”

I said “Yes!”

She responds “I heard it’s hard to get into those programs. You have to be very accomplished to get in.”

After, saying those words she proceeded to repeat “It’s hard to get in.” several times. The last time she repeated those words, I responded “well we’ll see what happens.” I was so proud of my ability to stay calm and not feed into her negativity. Apart of me couldn’t believe she would even have the audacity to insinuate I don’t have what it takes to get into a program of that nature. In all honesty, she has no idea who I am or what I am capable of. Not to mention the skill I possess.

This conversation sparked a blog post because I realized how much I have changed. The old me would have probably dwelled on what she said to me. I reacted completely opposite than what I thought. I took it as a learning moment. More of a test… The test was being able to control what I internalize. In that moment I refused to internalize what she thought of me. I have learned that how people see you is completely out of your hands and not your responsibility. I am only responsible for how I decide to perceive the information. I chose to make it a learning moment for myself.

Humans have this silly habit of allowing outside sources to determine whether or not we can do something which makes absolutely no sense. How can we allow someone else to get into our heads and say we aren’t capable of what we know we are capable of? It just makes no sense. I more than anyone in this world knows what I am capable of. We come out into the world constantly looking for validation in different forms. All in all you are free to validate yourself. You don’t need someone to label you as talented to consider yourself talented.

You’re perfect, talented and whole! Keep shining!

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