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Love is enough

Many of us have the misconception that  ‘love’ is some conditional agreement shared among people. We are conditioned to believe that love comes with limitations and caution signs. *Omg! Take out the pitch forks he’s trying to love me!* One thing is for certain, love shouldn’t be conditional. 

I once believed ‘love wasn’t enough.’ I had the understanding that love sometimes isn’t enough. Love isn’t enough to convince someone to stick around and love you. That was a pretty cynical way in which to live. 

I soon learned I was looking through the stain glass window from an obscure view. Love is enough! Love is enough to heal you from wounds you won’t speak about. The most powerful love on this planet is the love in which you share with yourself. You have the power to love yourself back together. 

 Love was created to mend all the wrong in the world. We have the power to heal others with the touch of our hands. It’s time for you step into your power and heal.

Love is Raw, Forgiving, Unconditional, Kind and Patient.

Love never fails…

Polish The Soul xx


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