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The voice behind the writer

“I am learning to be okay with being vulnerable.” -Polish the soul

Being a writer isn’t always the easiest thing to do but there is something so special about being able to produce art in written form. Everyday is a struggle in regards to unleashing the imaginary cloak I’ve placed over myself. A civil war is brewing within me, between who I am and who I want to be. Who I am often outwits who I want to be. Fear vs. fearlessness… Who I would like to be is someone fearless, a risk taker, bold, full of faith and purposeful.

When it comes to speaking the words don’t come out as natural. I often struggle to get my words together to say what I mean aloud. I certainly write about it easier than 1-2-3. The words usually form a puddle in my head until I have a chance to write them down. As expected the words in this audio video had been sitting in my head and for some odd reason, something told me to speak. I’d like to think the idea was planted in my mind from something far superior than human kind. Once I began to speak, all the words began to just flow effortlessly and naturally. I sat in front of my phone for 6 whole minutes and let all my scattered thoughts free. This was my first time recording a blog post rather than simply just typing away. I look forward to creating more audible content on Follow my journey on my blog. Thanks for listening. 💛🌻⚡️


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