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Momentum Workshop

Two weeks ago I spent the weekend at an empowerment workshop  in a room full of about 50 strangers. By the end of the weekend we became a family connected through our pain and fears. We laid all our failures, let downs and insecurities to rest as we each shared something hidden within us. We laughed and weeped together. We discovered things we hadn’t known prior to our meeting. In the midst of the weekend after participating in several excercises I had realized I no longer want to be this reserved shy woman that I am. I want to be heard and I want to be seen! I honesty had not realized how terrified I was of being vulnerable which as a result of my fear I ran away from the idea of being a writer. I had not come to that conclusion until Sunday morning. As shy as I am I stood up in the front of the room and outed myself. I allowed myself to be vulnerable in a room full of strangers who had become like a family to me. I cried while blurting out how afraid I am to persue a career as a writer. It felt so good to stand there in front of everyone crying. It was such a release. At that moment I understood that it is ok to be vulnerable. I continue to remind myself that everyday. It truly is ok to be vulnerable.

In order, to truly create content others can relate to and heal from I must write from a place of truth. There is no way I could possibly expect to change the world with my words if I constantly hold back but I really feel. I am an extremely guarded and emotional person. I often try and hide my emotions as if It is something negative. My secret is that I dont want others to know how emotional I am but that ends here.

After, Sunday morning of the workshop I came to the conclusion that my voice needed to be heard. Buttafly Soul the faciliator, looked me in the eyes as I shared my desire to become a writer to my peers and he told me I was ready and the world needed my words. It was almost as if I had been waiting all this time just to hear him say “You’re ready!” He looked me straight in the eyes with a sense of knowing. He could clearly see something in me that I hadn’t had the courage to see before this encounter. He somehow saw me as the person I hide from the world. The emotional woman that “feels too much”. My path was made clear.

Two weeks later…. I am so happy to announce I finally found the courage to commit to this blog and make my site official. My blog is no longer just a blog it is a site with my own domain. I feel in my heart my time is now.

Welcome to!


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