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Starting over is hard but you’re tougher..

We avoid starting over as if we have limits as to how many times we can change our minds about something or someone and start over. In a “perfect world” it would be absolutely easy to start over. I know there may be additional factors that may hold you back from doing so but at some point you have to realize you’re responsible for your own happiness. Don’t pile on the excuses, turn those excuses into reasons to do so. If you’re unwilling to prioritize yourself don’t except anyone else to do so for you. Think of it as a job, let’s say you’re a teacher. You must do your job because that’s what you were hired to do. No one else should be doing your job for you because it’s your job. It’s your job to teach yourself how you should be cared for.

When starting over proceed differently than you had prior. Don’t except anything to change if you have not changed your actions. Nothing will change if you don’t change in the process. By change I mean, making better decisions. Having your own back. Remember that!

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