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Letter to myself

I was scrolling through Pinterest as per usual and stumbled across 15 ways to promote self love. The first suggestion was to write myself a letter. I instantly smiled and thought to myself how come I never thought to do so before. The letter reads:

Dear the love of my (WHOLE) life,

Yes, Sasha you are the love of my life. What I meant by “whole” was simply this…. We are stuck together for the rest of our life. Our mind, body and soul. Who better to love and fall in love with on a daily than you Sasha. I think you’re one of a kind and not because the recipient of this letter is me. I honestly feel like you’re a sunflower in a field of roses. I have always felt like im in my own lane. I find myself to be very different from others and I have grown to love that simple detail about myself. We’ve (i’ve) always loved blending into crowds to avoid the limelight but somehow Sasha I think you have gotten too used to making that a thing.  We created a bubble between us and the world. Sometimes I feel invisible but that is “our” fault. We’ve (i’ve) made it where we could skate through life barely being noticed. Hiding from small talk and anything else that might cause some discomfort. Someone said speaking about your Anxiety kills the stigma. Sometimes… more times than none I stay home to avoid the feelings of be anxious. Like places young people like myself go. Bars, clubs or lounges give me so much anxiety. The multitude of people makes me uneasy. I begin to over think and wonder about everything. I over think when it comes to where to put my hands. How to sit. Are they watching me eat?! Oh gosh no!

I know the way to practice self love is showing yourself love but sometimes you have to see your truth then love yourself based on your truths. You know the world deserves to feel your presence girl. You’re a force to be reckoned with. Stop being so shy and go out and “be”. Be in the moment Sasha.  Just be. Live life fearlessly.

I love the place my soul calls home. You’re beautiful Sasha. You’re brilliant. You’re amazing. You’re far from ordinary. You’re witty. You’re thoughtful. You’re sweet. You’re compassionate. You’re beautiful inside and out. The saddest part of all of this is sometimes you forget. Sometimes you don’t feel beautiful. Sometimes you don’t feel smart. Sometimes you don’t feel amazing. That is also part of being human. Stop being so tough on yourself Sasha. You’re only a human. Give yourself a break and give yourself the credit you deserve. Keep loving yourself and remember to be humble.


Your one & only…Sasha


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