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Advice coluMn with Soulful Perspectives for Navigating Life's Journey

A Collective Space for Everyday Transformation, Awakenings, Peace, and Healing

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Wisdom aligns...

Welcome to "Polish the Column," a unique advice column that serves as a collective space for those on a quest for something deeper, seeking inner peace and release. In this transformative space, the pursuit of belonging takes shape through resonating with the stories of others. Explore meaningful advice that transcends the ordinary, providing guidance and insights for your journey toward inner transformation, spiritual awakening, peace, and healing. Join our community as we navigate life's complexities together, sharing wisdom and forging connections that illuminate the path to a more soulful existence.

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A Haven for Mental Health Warriors, New Moms, the Lost and Lonely, Transition Navigators – Seeking Advice, Suggestions, and Connection in Your Journey.

Present Manifestation
peace love hope courage belief serenity calm
I can do this I am worthy I am love I am good
I believe I am worth fighting for
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Brushstroke Arrow Rapid Curved Long

Acceptance helps you find INNER PEACE

Processing emotions helps you HEAL

Fear shame guilt anger hate disconnection
I am not good enough I am an utter failure
I am bad I am not worthy

Past Trauma

How to


the inner child